Mail+ for ActiveSync

Mail+ for Enterprise

Mail+ for Enterprise combines a user-friendly experience with the power of Microsoft ActiveSync connection. IT administrators can customize access to their Exchange environment and control various policies such as passcode requirements, remote data wipe, and encryption. Implementing Mail+ for Enterprise means your employees stay connected in a secure and headache-free way.

Connects using Microsoft ActiveSync technology

Push notifications
while app is active


bandwith usage

IT admin policies

Access Kerio, Lotus Notes or any client using ActiveSync

AppConnectMany of our enterprise customers have asked for enhanced security and management capabilities. Mail+ is now integrated with MobileIron's AppConnect, supporting comprehensive application management for enterprise applications. For more information please check out

You can also manage and configure Mail+ using built in iOS configuration profiles. For more information please check out



Mail+ for Enterprise is also available on Android platforms so you can manage all of your enterprise needs. Mail+ on Android includes a unique user interface that Android users will instantly be familiar with.

Mail+ for Android has two way synchronization for email, calendar, contacts and also implements ActiveSync policies such as passcode.

Note: this is only available with APK distribution.