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  • Mail+ for ActiveSync comes to Android

    For the lifespan of iKonic Apps, we’ve been primarily focused on iOS. Today we’re excited to announce the first version of our Android app: Mail+ for ActiveSync. It’s available on the Google Play Store Mail+ for ActiveSync is an ActiveSync… Read more »

  • Mail+ is FREE for the first time ever

    What is Mail+? Mail+ allows mobile business users to separate their work and personal life while maintaining best-in-class office connectivity with key features like all-in-one calendar, scheduling assistant, rich html emailing, out of office, and more. The cost for this… Read more »

  • Thank You

    Independent developers on the App Store are becoming a rare commodity.  We’ve been lucky enough to stay privately owned and remain a small team without outside funding.  As soon as iOS 8 was released, we climbed to our highest App… Read more »

  • What’s New Summary: Our Biggest Update Yet

    This is the final post in our “What’s New” series where we previewed some of the newest features we’ve added to Mail+. We’re happy to announce these are now available in the App Store as of last night and the… Read more »

  • What’s New: Inbox Zero (5/5)

    We’re wrapping up the finishing touches on development and will release one of our biggest updates in a few days.  Today is the final post in our “What’s New” series.  Last week we talked about functionality that lots of users… Read more »

  • What’s New: Out of Office (4/5)

    For those just joining us, this is the 4th part in our blog series “What’s New” where we are showing you some of the new great things available in Mail+ to increase productivity.  Previously in the series: What’s New: Scheduling… Read more »

  • What’s New: Scheduling Assistant (3/5)

    Previously in our “What’s New” series we talked about cloud integration: What’s New: Cloud Integration Today we’ll be discussing something that’s missing from every Mail/Calendaring app in the mobile space: Scheduling Assistant. Scheduling Assistant Scheduling assistant is something that is not… Read more »

  • What’s New: Cloud Integration (2/5)

    Welcome to the second post in our “What’s New” series where we are previewing some cool new features coming within the next few weeks in Mail+. Our first post can be found here: What’s New: Rich Text Editing Today we’ll… Read more »

  • What’s New: Rich Text Editing (1/5)

    Lately we have focused on the changes we have been doing for the enterprise market, but now we are excited to preview our next version that will be available for all of our apps in the App Store within the… Read more »

  • Mail+ for Enterprise: Simple Distribution

    In our last post we explained the different versions of Mail+ and alluded to some upcoming changes we had in the enterprise space. As of last week, we are happy to welcome another version to the Mail+ family: Mail+ for… Read more »