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Mail+ Configuration Profiles

Enterprises using Mail+ already can now leverage iOS 7 configuration profiles to automatically manage and configure Mail+ to enjoy the benefits of:

  • Deep Integration
    Connect, manage, and enjoy Mail+ to ensure a secure and controlled app environment without disrupting the end-user experience
  • Secure Data Removal
    If a user violates an app or device policy, the app and all its data can be selectively wiped by MobileIT without erasing the entire device
  • Data Loss Prevention policies with copy-paste and file forward restrictions
    Can prevent employees from inadvertently sending sensitive information to third party apps
  • Align corporate security and management requirements with Mail+

Mail+ Configuration Values

Value Details Example
iaserver The ActiveSync server or proxy
iausername ActiveSync username domain\username
iaemailaddress ActiveSync email address
iapassword ActiveSync password Value such as P$ssw0rd. Leave blank to force the user to input his/her password instead.
ialicensekey Mail+ license key given to you by iKonic Apps licensekey
Value Details Example
iaclientcertificate Used for two-factor certificate authentication. This should also be used as a replacement for AppTunnel for Mail apps Contact for more info
iadeviceid Used to manage the deviceid Mail+ uses to connect to the ActiveSync server Value such as FDB234ACE15. Please make sure this is an ActiveSync formatted deviceid
iaallowsbackup Used to disable iTunes backups of Mail+ data FALSE
Value Details Example
iapasscoderequired Require or disable an app passcode. This value will take precedence over ActiveSync policies. Note: this does not affect device passcode TRUE or FALSE
iaalphanumericpasscoderequired Require alpha numeric passcodes TRUE or FALSE
iaallowsimplepasscode Used to set passcode difficulty FALSE
iaminpasscodelength Used to set passcode difficulty length FALSE
iaminpasscodecomplexcharacters Number of required complex characters in the passcode Numeric value
Value Details Example
iasmimecertificate Certificate used for signing and encryption Contact for more info
iaencryptioncert Separate signinng certificate. Use this ONLY if signing and encryption certificate are different. This cannot be used with iasmimecertificate Contact for more info
iasigningcert Separate signinng certificate. Use this ONLY if signing and encryption certificate are differen. This cannot be used with iasmimecertificate Contact for more info
iasmimerequireencryptedreplies Used to require encrypted emails also be replied/forwarded as encrypted TRUE
iasigningrequired Require all outgoing emails to be signed TRUE
iaencryptionrequired Require all outgoing emails to be encrypted TRUE
iasmimeshoulduse3des Used to change the encryption algorithm to 3DES TRUE
iapasscoderequiredforviewingencrypted Require a passcode to access the encryption certificate. Must be used with iapasscoderequired set to TRUE TRUE
Value Details Example
iaallowopenin BOOL if the user should be allowed to open documents in other apps TRUE
iaopeninwhitelist List of bundle identifier for approved apps to be used by open in
iasupportemail The email address users should contact for additional help
iaallowuntrustedcerts Automatically reject unknown security certificates FALSE
iahidesnapshot This controls the screenshot saved into the app directory when the app enters the background TRUE